We love a practical fashion statement and what can be more practical than a good pair of sunglasses.  There’s a serious side to your sunglasses though just as sun cream protects your skin, a good pair of sunglasses protects your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Take a look at the Specsavers Sunglass Safety Checklist and make some good choices this season.

  • Always use eye sun protection
  • Lenses should be  UV400 effective
  • Make sure that your sunglasses fit – if they slide off or dig in, either replace or adjust them
  • Polarised lenses offer protection from glare which is especially useful when driving
  • Supersize lenses allow less light to filter in through the sides
  • UV protection contact lenses are available but as they do not cover the whole eye, sunglasses should also be worn
  • Specsavers offer prescription swimming goggles

Finally, if you are going away on holiday and you need prescription tinted lenses then get your order in asap as at this busy time of year it can take up to 2 weeks for your prescription to be filled.


Designer frames start from €129.


Gant Specsavers Opera Lane €199


Marc Jacobs €199, Specsavers Opera Lane