Size Matters – NOT! 


How is it that a recent personal styling client of mine, who cited herself as being a UK size ten, fitted comfortably & well into a UK6, UK8, UK10 & UK 12 – and all within the one shop?

If this has happened to you, don’t panic! It’s not you – it’s the industry. There are a number of reasons why sizes vary. First up is the fact that many labels buy their collections from a variety of design houses and each house measures according to their own size chart. These designs are then manufactured in different countries, by different producers. So, there is bound to be a difference.

But there’s more…

Did you know that clothing sizes were first introduced for men’s uniforms? Hardly the ideal model for creating fashions for women. Add to that the evidence that women’s bodies have changed over the years with bigger waists, hips and busts, but the sizing standards haven’t, then it’s no wonder we’re all confused. 

Realising that it’s not you and that there are several factors that contribute to sizing variations is liberating and empowering. The fact is no two bodies are the same. Most people are not an exact, set size – they are between sizes and take different sizes top and bottom.  That’s why today separates are so popular – you get to pick and choose and mix and match the sizes that suit you and your unique body shape. On Opera Lane’s sizes range from Petite to Curvy so there is plenty of scope and plenty of options available.

L-R Jess Hayes, Assets Models, Breeda O’Connell Opera Lane Personal Stylist, Hannah McCarthy, Asst. Stylist and model


Finally, remember it’s not just about the numbers on the labels.  Not all mirrors are the same and we’re not just talking about the mirrors in fitting rooms, the ones you have in your home may not be giving you the true picture either. Getting the opinion of a friend or your very friendly Opera Lane Personal Shopper is always a great idea. I’ll have more to say on size and how to wear the oversized trends in my next fashion review.

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