Last week stylist Annmarie O’Connor was on the lane styling a Frida Kahlo inspired photoshoot for the Weekend section of The Examiner featuring Spring/Summer looks from our Opera Lane stores.  We caught up with Annmarie to give us the lowdown on her styling inspo.  To check out the full shoot pick up a copy of The Examiner this Saturday…

‘This Saturday’s Irish Examiner Weekend magazine has a very special photoshoot in store for its fashion followers. After months of horizontal rain and hair-raising wind, spring looks like she’s finally raising her sleepy head – and not a moment too soon. To celebrate the fashionably late appearance of the sun, our creative team took reference from the colourful clay facades of Mexico and its most revered artistic icon – Frida Kahlo. Known for untamed beauty and fiercely forward-thinking brand of feminism; not least her unabashed style, Frida was fearless in letting her light shine. Remarkably, the colour-clad streets of Cork bear a striking resemeblance to those of her homeland. Combine these key elements with the fierce fashion finds in Opera Lane and we had ourselves one helluva photoshoot.




Breezy silhouettes, clashing prints and notice-me hues played dress up with the most covetable craftwork-inspired jewellery. And wait until you see the headpieces! If you think this all sounds too maximalist for everyday style, think again. The trick to pulling it off is finding your colour story. Pick out one or two key shades and incorporate these within the look. If layering jewellery isn’t your skill, aim for one statement piece that will do the talking. And prepare to speak loudly; this look isn’t shy….but it’s oh-so-lovely. We promise you….’