This months guest blogger is Laura Kenneally from Blog Yo Togs.  Laura certainly knows her fashion and with her unique sense of style you’re sure to find lots of tips and outfit inspo on her blog.  Here she’s gives us a rundown of her favourite places to shop on Opera Lane.

laura kenneally

So this week I was asked by someone I greatly admire to feature as “Opera Lane’s Fashion Blogger” for the Opera Lane Blog this month to say I was thrilled would be understatement; seriously I let out a squeal like Piglet!! So for my feature I have decided to dissect what Opera Lane means to me and also to feature my top three picks on the lane of shops I just can’t walk past, no seriously like there has to be magnets or something but anyway on we go…

Everybody in Cork can appreciate that before Opera Lane came into our lives we had very little in the way of uber cool places to shop; yes of course places existed but they were small or in shopping centres not doing them justice and then BOOM Opera Lane opens and everything changes. I never thought of myself as stylish or fashionable but there is something about stepping onto those cobbles in a new outfit that literally sets a theme tune of N.E.R.D’s song Lapdance off in my head and as my mam would say “I just feel like a million dollars”. Because that’s exactly what it gave us… A Catwalk. A place to see and be seen. Cork has developed into such a fashion capital in its own right and ya fair enough it’s not Grafton Street or Dame Street but hell it’s our street and I’m telling you there’s no better feeling than strutting down that lane on a busy Saturday when the atmospheres electric and I might as well have a wind tunnel behind me( it’s the backdraft blowing over from the Lee I know but what harm). Opera Lane made me love fashion. And now that I work in fashion I appreciate it all the more.

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So what can I just not live without?? Well obviously my first mention has to be River Island. I remember when it was all we had bless our hearts and even then if you got something from River Island you felt like you were the bee’s knee’s. But that’s still true today. There is something so effortlessly cool and chic with River Island. The styling, the products, the layout, THAT accessories basement my god it’s amazing I ever make it out of there. It will always be my high street fave and now working with River Island I know my love of the brand will only grow.

Next stop is H&M; I mean really who doesn’t love H&M fashion and quality at the best price baby it sells itself. It was an amazing store to work in. The staff in that store in Opera Lane are incredible and fashion forward to boot. From Olivia Palmero look a likes to modelsque advisors I just love that store. Looking for the latest catwalk trends look no further than inside the front door, want some evening or office glamour will academy street is your entrance and the basement, ah you beautiful beast, H&M Divided. I don’t think I can ever describe the joy of working down there! Quirky, fun and mixed with Men’s what more could a girl want:)


Last but certainly not least there is the Mecca to fashionistas everywhere and that is Topshop:)
I mean really what else can I say?? It is THE best shop on the lane for anyone who knows high street and knows fashion. I absolutely adore the petite section obviously because I’m a midgety doll, but not only that you have the collections, accessories and my heart skips a beat for their vintage line Loving Youth. I will always adore TopShop/Topman. And as of June 3rd I will love it even more when the Kendall and Kylie Jenner line drops(eeeekkk so excited)

So there you have it; my little but long blog feature. I hope you have all enjoyed reading about my love of our lane! For more from me I’m sure I will collaborate with the fabulous Natasha Crowley again at some point and you can also follow my blog on Facebook with the link below. I salute you Cork all my love from The Big Shmoke! And remember every streets a catwalk but even more on Opera Lane xx

To check out Lauras blog follow this link Blog Yo Togs.