By Breeda O’Connell, Opera Lane Personal Stylist

Following on from my blog Size Matters, I’m picking up on where I left off and looking at the trend for all things oversized.  In my opinion this has exacerbated the issue of variations in sizing, pieces now marked as XS or even XXS, can, in reality, be more like a Medium or Large.

So, what can you do?

Firstly, I hope Size Matters helped you understand how the industry works, all the different elements at play and the fact that sizing is less to do with you and your shape, and more to do with the way the industry operates.

Next, when looking at garments, look at the fabric, the line & the cut. Ask yourself these simple questions – Where does the waistband sit on the jeans? What is the overall silhouette of the garment?

Remember, if something is labelled as ‘oversized’ or ‘relaxed fit’ and you don’t want it to be very baggy, then you would be wise to go down a size or two. Conversely, if something is described as bodycon, or you know by looking at the fabric and cut that it is likely to be clingy & if this is not your desired aesthetic, you’d be wise to size up.

Then think about how you’re planning to wear the garment. Most of the time for example, with blazers, we don’t actually close them and we wear them open as an outer or middle layer. Buying a size that allows you to close the blazer may mean sizing up and losing the line of your body, or the silhouette that you’re hoping to achieve. So, in this case I would advise buying a blazer that fits well when open.

We know that we shouldn’t let the label on a piece of clothing impinge on our self-image or our perceived self-worth – but we can all fall into this trap. And at the end of the day, you’ve got to remember that sizes do not define you or measure your worth.

So bottom line – buy what fits YOUR body & defines your shape well – and take the number on the label with a pinch of salt.

Don’t lose your shape entirely- cinche the waist to draw the eye and give definition
As the weather gets colder oversized coats are great for layering up